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New Locks for a New Life

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Want To Switch To A Keyless Entry System? Here Are Options To Consider

For many centuries, businesses relied on standard locks to secure their workspaces. However, the locks and keys have become outdated thanks to the invention of keyless entry systems. It only grants access to prohibited areas without using a physical key. It comes in various sizes and offers better security, not to mention real-time access control.

If you intend to get a keyless entry, you should talk to a commercial locksmith. They'll identify the best option for your company. Here are some common forms of keyless entry systems you'll find in the market today.


One excellent way to restrict access in your company is using biometrics like retinal scanners, fingerprints, and facial recognition. If the keyless entry system you need is for a higher security area, retinal scanners are the best option because of their accuracy.

Most companies today prefer using biometrics in various authentication systems. This is particularly common in high-security firms. For instance, a member of staff may need to enter a PIN on the keypad before the system asks for fingerprints to confirm their identity. 

Some companies even incorporate this with a time-tracking system, allowing the administrator to monitor staff movement. Such a security system will generate reports and record each staff member's working hours.


Even though biometric systems are an excellent option for restricted access areas and smaller companies, consider keypads if you run a larger company. Keypad locks are common because they offer quick access to the building. Users only need to enter the password or PIN code to gain access. You can either choose to get the mechanical or electronic keypads.

An electric keypad uses batteries and lights up when you touch it. This feature comes in handy for those who access buildings after dark. The light allows users to enter the code accurately. But, you'll need to get new batteries often or get locked out. This is why the keypads come with a backup key. 

The mechanical counterparts are ideal for those who don't want to keep switching batteries. But when a worker leaves the company, they can access the office. Therefore, you have set another code or password.

Smart Locks

This lock system uses wireless protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for access and lock management. The locks may use a key card access system, keyed lock, or a combination of both to unlock and lock the premises. The only distinctive feature is that it has remote control features. Locks can pair with a smart device, key fob, or key card. A company that wants to boost security and respond fast to breaches can opt to use locks that integrate with cloud-based and smartphone software. 

For more information, contact a local commercial locksmith