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New Locks for a New Life

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What You Should Know About Access Control Systems and Employee Health

One of the biggest challenges for many business owners is knowing how to keep their employees safe during difficult times, including throughout a pandemic. When it comes to protecting your employees, one of the things that you shouldn't overlook is your company's access control system. Here's a look at what you need to know to create an access control system that will help to protect your employees from germs and pathogen spread, including viral pandemics.

Eliminate Key Cards

Many employers have transitioned to key card access for their employee doors to eliminate number pads and other access systems that require repeated contact with surfaces. Unfortunately, key card systems aren't the best solution, either. With everyone swiping their personal key cards through the same reader, you still have the risk of bacteria spread. Additionally, if someone forgets their key card, they have to get a guest card, which has been handled by many people.

Instead, opt for a touch-free system, such as a facial recognition scanner or even a smartphone-controlled lock system. These access control systems eliminate the need for your employees to have to come in contact with anything that isn't theirs.

Skip the Retinal Scanners

When you're looking at the biometric access control systems, you'll see that some of these systems rely on retinal scans. You may think that these are more precise than facial recognition, and therefore might make a better choice.

However, in the interest of your employee's comfort and well-being, you may want to consider skipping the retinal scanners. These access control systems read the retina by sending a laser light beam to the eye. Many people will be hesitant about this type of system, so you want to be sure that you choose a system that your staff is comfortable with.

Consider Hands-Free Door Access

The door itself is another hot spot for pathogen spread. If you want to ensure that your access control investment isn't for nothing, you should also incorporate a new hands-free door control system as well. Once the lock has been disengaged by an authorized access scan, your staff should be able to open it without having to grab a door handle.

Automatic door openers are a viable option, but not the most practical. After all, with an automatic door opener, it must open and close slowly in an effort to avoid hitting anyone with the door, and that creates a security vulnerability for you. The mechanisms are also vulnerable to malfunction, costly, and require far more maintenance.

Instead, choose a door that is designed to open inward for those entering the building. The door should easily open with a simple push of an elbow, shoulder, or hip. The exit doors should open outward in the same manner. That way, you eliminate contact that could spread viruses, protecting your staff from potential illness spread.

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