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Five Services You Haven't Considered Provided By An Automotive Locksmith

Typically, most people only utilize the services of an auto locksmith when they lose their car keys or get locked out of their vehicles. However, auto locksmiths specialize in providing a variety of services in addition to the two mentioned above.

Thus, you might need the services of an auto locksmith for issues not related to lost keys or getting locked out of your vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge the different types of services auto locksmiths provide. Here are five additional services you can get from an automotive locksmith.

Repairing Damaged Car Locks

Suppose you get into an accident and the other vehicle slams into your car door, and the door lock gets damaged. An auto body shop can restore the car door, but chances are the shop doesn't have an in-house auto locksmith. Thus, you will need to hire an auto locksmith to repair the damaged locks so that the vehicle's door can resume its full functionality.

Car Lock Maintenances

Over time, the locks of a vehicle are bound to get degraded due to dust accumulations, rust, and other minor damage. Hence, at some point, the locks may start to jam on different occasions. 

Hence, it is essential to have the locks serviced when they start to malfunction to prevent them from getting damaged or completely failing open or close.

There is no need to call a mechanic to service the car's locks in such a case. Instead, your best bet is a professional auto locksmith. Auto locksmiths are well trained and versed in the different components that make up a car lock. Hence, they are in a better position to conduct the lock maintenance service than a mechanic.

Replacing Old Car Locks

As a vehicle gets old, so do the locks. If you have an old car, you can attest that the locks don't work as they used to when the vehicle was brand new. Thus, over time, your locks can become degraded due to repeated use and poor maintenance, and in the worst-case scenario, the locks may completely fail to function.

In such a scenario, the best option is to have the car locks replaced. However, there are different types of replacement car locks available in the market, and you may not be well-versed in which one is the best to install as a replacement. However, based on their experience working with different locks, an auto locksmith can provide valuable information on the best secure and durable car locks you can buy within your budget.

Getting Replacement Car Keys

In most cases, motorists wait until they lose their only car keys to get new ones. As a result, there is a period where a motorist is unable to use their car between losing their car keys and receiving a new set of keys. Sometimes, due to a busy schedule, a motorist may not find time to get their car keys replaced promptly, and hence, they can't use their car for a more extended period.

Thus, it is advisable to have an auto locksmith make a duplicate set of car keys for you even before you lose your current set of keys. This ensures that you have a spare set that you can use even if you lose your present car keys.

Malfunctioning Key Fob/Transponder Programming

Key fobs and transponders are prone to get damaged or malfunction over time. In most cases, transponders malfunction when they come into contact with water or accumulate dust inside them. Sometimes, due to falling on the ground, a key fob may start to malfunction because the fall force causes parts of the programming to get corrupted.

Thus, perhaps the key fob or the transponder doesn't necessarily need a replacement. Sometimes all that is required is for the transponder/fob to get flashed and reprogrammed. Hence, you can save money by using an auto locksmith to reprogram the fob/transponder instead of purchasing a new one.

Reach out to a local auto locksmith to learn more about available services.